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Ole World Tradition - Prayer Bottles!
Powerful Prayer Work Cast on Your Behalf
$49 - A Prayer For The Bride, Groom and Their New Family
I understand that you might be skeptical about the power of prayer and/or spell casting. Different folks call it different things... regardless, we are all trying to cause change, show support, protect or heal. I will write a ceremony based on your requests and preform it prior to the wedding. This is a powerful prayer in a bottle - presented to the couple at the ceremony as a gift from you. It will include a ceremony keepsake detailing the prayers in the bottle. A very unique gift for the couple, or something the bride or groom could order for themselves and carry on the special day. A lifetimetalisman.

What do you want to help them with? Pray for? To say to them? What a great way to show your love for them. There isn't a better way then with my spell bottles. Prayers cause change, lets do it together.
The Most Beautiful Gift To Give.
A Prayer of Protection & Happiness
Rev. Pamela
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Rev. Pamela Will Guide You To The Right Date
$49 Wedding Date & Compatability Reading

Chinese couples consult a fortune-teller to help them choose the luckiest wedding date. This 5,000-year old tradition comes alive when Rev Pamela dose a wedding date reading for you. She will help you pick the luckiest date for your special day and give you backup lucky dates. Using Germanic Rune divination combined with personality, astrology and numerology evaluation. Rev Pam will determine the luckiest date for you and your fiancé to get married. This will get you started in the right direction to ensure a couple's lifelong happiness, harmony and prosperity. The Rev will inform you of lucky signs and fortunate omens based on astronomical activities, such as moon phases, Venus in retrograde and ole wedding traditions. This, combined with a study of the names of the bride and groom as well as the year, month, day and hour of their birthdates, which is referred to as the Four Pillars of Destiny. All of this information is compiled with the couple's birth order personality traits, and a compatibility astrology chart and provided in a word doc by eMail. Generaly ten or more pages long.
$49 Well worth the money - write for a sample reading.
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