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Tie The Knott
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Let's Tie the Knot!

The concept of a Handfasting originated with the ancient Celtic culture generally thought to be a cornish or scottish engagement ceremony binding for a year and a day. The term "tie the knot", which is still used today, originates with the practice of handfasting. During the ceremony, the couple's hands are tied together with one or several colored cords symbolizing their union. A beautiful way to incorporate children and family members into the wedding ceremony, as they can help tie the knot.
Tie the Knot Handfasting Cords
You will speak to Rev Pamela personally before your ritual can be compeleted. Part of this process is to learn about you, your goals for your future and obsticals you are trying to overcome. Very powerful spellwork is incorporated with divination done during the ritual for the couples future, typed out and shared with the couple when they recieve their cord. We want to incorporate your colors, and desires into the prayers. Skype if possible. The more personal and tailored I can get your cord - the more it will mean to you. Your cord is braided using five strands, blessed and anointed with love oils, sage and other magickal herbs. Made in prayer specifically for your future. Your handfasting cord is Apx 7 feet in length adorned with charms, stones, crystals or other objects that mark the six prayers braided into the sacred object. The cords are typically white with a second, or third color, or could have up to five different colors, chosen for it's magkical significance, ribbons from the dress or flowers, and other personal items can be added. Each cord is a Non-refundable $75.00 and can be purchased from Rev Pamela's eBay. If there are no cords for sale this month -that means the ritual is filled up and you will have to chose a different moon to have your cord created on. Cords are shipped as soon as they are made. Mid month prayer rituals are possible and can be scheduled. Feel free to call Rev. Pamela to discuss before purchase.

Pagan minister, and a gay friendly licensed wedding officiate believes in Love. NEED AN OFFICIANT THAT UNDERSTANDS YOUR PATH AND LIFESTYLE? Rev Pamela combines the old ways of the handfasting rite in a custom written ceremony that reflects the MAGICK of your love! Your handfastings can be a traditional engagement, themed Celtic Wedding or Civil Union combined with traditional ring vows and a license to make it a legally binding contract. She can write a custom ceremony and include directions for your Officiant - or get married in Rev. Pamela's private home located in Chicagoland. Quick ceremonies and garden packages are avialable
Handfasting Cords
Rev. Pamela 847 873-Pine (7463)
Please call between 8am - 8pm RevPam@ChicagoPaganWeddings.com
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Rev. Pamela custom braids handfasting cords in solitaire ritual meditation for couples and ships all over the world. She also provides custom ceremony writing, wedding vows, spiritual counseling and private prayer / spell work. Her custom made handfasting cords are uniquely charged and braided specifically for the couple on the full moon or a date of their choice. Full moon dates book up fast, and can be reserved on her eBay store. The number of cords Rev Pam can created in one ritual is limited to two as it generally takes three to four hours to pray for the couple and create one cord. Couples often have to sign up many months in advance to have them made.

Private spell work and prayers are incorporated into each binding with five strands of colors chosen by the couple for their magickal properties. Each has six charms braided into the cord used to mark personal prayers requested by the couple. Rev. Pamela must speak to you on the phone and prefers Skype to personalize the cord and the blessing ritual, and requires a photo of the couple to complete this unique working. Magickal herbs, oils and other items are used during it's creation and the blessing language is detailed in a typed ritual provided with every cord.
Tie the Knot Unity Candles
Typically thought to originate from the United States in the 1960's from Christian, interfaith ceremonies. There are two taper candles with the Unity candle in the middle. The tapers are lit by representatives from each family to symbolize their love and allegiance. Later in the ceremony, the bride and groom use these two flames to light the unity candle bringing the love of both families together in a united love of a new one. Generally, the two tapers are left burning and replaced in their holders (because each family's love for their own will continue). However, in some ceremonies they may blow out their individual candles symbolizing leaving their old life behind now being together.

Adding more tapers is a nice way to incorporate children into the ceremony having them help light the unity candle.

Rev Pam will personally pour your candle during a special ritual prior to your ceremony, incorporating charms, prayers, flowers herbs and incense into the wax. $75 non-refundable. Each candle is individually made, by hand and is generally white as a base color with other colors possible added for their magickal significance or to match your wedding colors, or choosing the colors for personal meanings.

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Other unity rituals can also be created and custom made for your ceremony. Rose, Wine Box and Sand kits are some to consider. Contact Rev Pam personally to discuss the rituals to find the right one for your union.